Salento, Colombia

From Bogota we got a very windy 8 hour bus ride to Salento; a small country town in Colombia that is known to be the coffee capital of the country.

We stayed in a hostel called La Serrana for three nights which is a house on a farm just 20 minutes walk out of the town. It was such a peaceful couple of days and would highly recommend it to break up the big cities of Bogota and Medellin. To be honest we really did not do much at all when we were in Salento so this post will be very short.


Cocora Valley – Hike with the tallest palm trees in the world. You can choose to do a 6 hour hike or just walk up to these and have a look around and then walk back. Pretty amazing how tall these trees are and a nice day out in the fresh air.

There are many coffee tours but being that we both do not drink coffee we did not do one – everyone who we were staying with said they were very informative though.


Brunch – American style cafe that does all day breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ate here once a day and the food is a great home comfort. Burgers, lasagne, chicken wings, bacon and eggs etc. It is famous for its peanut butter brownie so don’t miss that. Be warned the portions are huge here and the cost is not super cheap but sometimes you need those home comforts.

Cafe Jesus Martin – Good spot to get your coffee fix and buy coffee beans. Cute little cafe and has some good looking cakes too.

The rest of the time we cooked or ate with the hostel as they did family dinners.


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