Bogota, Colombia

Our journey from Ecuador to Colombia was a long one with two short stays in Quito and Cali. I have chosen not to write about these two places as we did not see enough of them to give any good insight. I have included a couple of pictures though. We crossed the border by catching one bus from Quito to the border town of Tulcan, through both immigration points and then took a second overnight bus from Ipiales to Cali. The whole process took around 18 hours and although it was a long journey it was easier than we thought it would be. From Cali to Bogota we got a flight with Viva Colombia which are a budget Colombian airline. Looking into flying around Colombia is worth it though with flights for under $50 NZD very often which helps to avoid the long windy roads. Just be careful for cancelled flights they can cause some trouble which they do sort out but it does take time.

We only had two nights in Bogota mainly because we have heard that other spots in Colombia should be allocated more time than Bogota. I really enjoyed the city for the time we had there and would recommend people to stay a bit longer if you have the time. We stayed at Cranky Croc hostel and I would stay again for sure. Really clean, nice, social hostel right in a great location.


Kutral – Good spot to eat with a big menu to choose from. This is an Argentinian Colombian restaurant however we ordered the home made pastas they were amazing. Good price for around 8 NZD. Cl. 17 #260, Bogotá

Sant Just – French Colombian restaurant open for lunch. Bit more expensive than the normal backpacking budget with meals at around 25,000 to 30000 but still very good value. The menu changes daily and the meals are really impressive, they feel almost like fine dining. We had lamb and it was amazing.

Mega burger – Cheap spot for burgers at the end of Cranky croc’s street. Burgers for about $3NZD so good if you need a cheap, large meal that tastes surprisingly ok

There is also a pastry spot at the end of the road just down from Cranky croc. Not sure of the name but you must go. Turn right out of Cranky croc hostel and walk the 50 metres to the intersection and it is straight ahead instead of going right or left. They sell fresh cheesecakes and croissants and everything is delish.


Bogota Graffiti Tour – This walking tour is all about the street art of Bogota. Free but based on tips at the end. Really interesting tour, you get to see some of the cool art and also learn about the history and techniques of Graffiti.

The True Colombian Experience – Good walking tour that starts from Cranky Croc hostel. Freddy who takes it is really cool and does more than just show you the buildings of interest around the city. Free and based on tips at the end.

Gold museum – Cost is 4000. Really well done museum if you are into history and that sort of thing.

Baum club – Head here if you are in Bogota on a Friday night. Quite a cool club but be prepared for the trance type music. We arrived at 12.30am and there was quite a line so maybe go a bit earlier to avoid this. Door charge is 40,000 so it is not cheap but it will be a good night out! Cl. 33 #624, Bogota 


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