La Paz, Bolivia

From our three day salt flats tour we took an overnight bus from Uyuni to La Paz. Originally we were going to stay a night in Uyuni and Potosi on our way to La Paz but we are very glad we decided against it as there is not much to see. We booked a bus that cost 250 bolivianos. You can get cheaper than this but we decided to go with the tourist bus option and it was very nice, included dinner, a movie and semi cama.

In La Paz we stayed in Adventure Brew hostel/BnB and it was a pretty good place to stay, the hostel part has parties each night and is quite social and the BnB next door is a bit quieter but has nice private rooms and a good breakfast. It is also in a good location so would recommend staying here.

We loved our stay in La Paz, it is a really interesting city with quite a bit to see and good food. Interesting to stay at the highest city in the world as well.


Walking tour – Red caps walking tour was good, would recommend it. Cost is 20 Bolivian plus tip. Gives you a good overview of the city plus some history.

Cholitas Wrestling – 90 Bolivian. Bit of a tourist trap, do it if you want something to do but you really are not missing much if you don’t go. Seems all a bit staged and fake.

Red funicular line – Get the funicular up to the top for an amazing view over La Paz. Cost is 3 Bol each way and sometimes the flea markets are on at the top which was the case for us. You can also get off half way up this funicular and go to the cemetery which we did not get off for but looked massive and interesting from above. There are also two more funicular lines which are good as well.

Mirador Killi Killi – Walk up to this viewpoint is pretty tough with the altitude but the steep bit does not take long. At the top you have a great 180 view of La Paz. Av La Bandera, La Paz, Bolivia

The Witches Market – A key tourist attraction, this market sells locally handcrafted items, potions, llama foetuses, cures and all sorts of little tricks here. Nothing to be scared of, really cool to look around and see what they sell. Do not take photos of the witches or they will all start yelling and throwing things at you. Melchor Jimenez, La Paz, Bolivia

Death road – It would be silly to go all the way to Bolivia and not ride a bike down the worlds most dangerous road right? Seriously though really amazing day trip of downhill mountain biking. Starts in a snow covered mountain ranges and ends in the start of the amazon forest in the hot sun. We chose to do our tour with altitude adventures which is not the most expensive one but about the second most expensive. Worth it for safety reasons in this case. Great company and would recommend. 


The street food in La Paz was really good and we ate it most days and did not get sick once. I guess there is risk with everything but this is what the locals live off and it seems to be working for them.

Namas te – Vegetarian cafe that is really amazing. I ordered a vegetarian pad Thai slash peanut satay dish and it was so delicious. They also do huge juices of whatever fruit mix you pick. Great prices and amazing service. Do not miss this spot. Zoilo Flores 1334, La Paz, Bolivia

Plaza Eguino – The street food at night here is really good. There is a little side road off this plaza that has all the food stalls selling the same things. Go to number 3/4 and order from the pictures. We got one chorizo and one chicken. The meals come with rice, potato and salad and only cost about 3 NZD.

Mercado Lanza – Most amazing fresh fruit juices and food. You can get avocado sandwiches with fresh bread, tomato, onion and cheese. There is also a place selling filled potatoes (amazing). Everything we ate here was 6 Bolivians each. The juices were 8 Bob. Ingreso Callie Potosi, La Paz, Bolivia

Chorizo burger stand – Across the road from Adventure brew there is a lady who sells chorizo burgers in a tiny little stall. They are sooo amazing, I think we had them about 5 times. 12 Bob.

Mozzarella – A pizza place near plaza eguino. Best pizza I have had so far in South America. Really good bases and good toppings. Also very cheap, do not miss this good little spot. Av. Illampu 757, La Paz Zona 9, Bolivia




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