El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina

11th – 15th December 2016

Before you plan a trip to Patagonia check you are going to have enough money because it is an expensive place to visit, but by all means if you have enough – do it! It is a cute area with small ski like towns and it feels very safe and friendly. Flights or bus’s return from BA are expensive and once you get here the tours and trips are all high cost.

Arriving at the airport there are a couple of options to get you into the main town. You can catch either a shuttle bus or a taxi depending on how many people you have. The taxi cost 480 peso for three of us which cost the exact same as the shuttle. Easy and seamless and about 20 minutes into the little town.

Bla hostel – Would recommend staying here, cute little place, helpful staff, big kitchen so you can cook meals which is a nice change. Good dorm rooms and lots of friendly people travelling here.


El Chalten – From El calafate we got a day trip to El Chalten as we did not have enough time to stay. Cost was 950 peso for the return bus which is three hour’s each way. From here we walked for around 18km around the Fitz Roy trek. Bus has recliner and comfy. Would recommend doing this as it is a really pretty trek and the mountain is beautiful. We were lucky we had amazing weather when we did this. The entry is free to the park so the only cost was the bus. You can also camp in the park if this is your type of thing.

Perito Moreno – This is the glacier you have most likely seen in pictures. For this we got the return bus for 550 peso and entry 330 peso + 10 peso tax. You can also do a navigation here for 350 peso, mini trek for 2,400 peso or big ice trek for $4000 peso. Alice did the mini trek on the glacier and said it was amazing so if you have the money do this. Here they just drop you at the glacier and then you have 5 hours (which is a bit too much time) to walk the boardwalks and watch the glacier. It was a pretty amazing sight. You can also get a boat out to the glacier but it did not look worth it to us as it cannot get much closer than the boardwalk anyway.

Lily and Alice also did another trip to Kayak and walk through the petrified forest to see dinosaur bones. Cost for this is 2150 peso ($180 NZD) so I chose to sit this one out.


We did not eat out much as we had a kitchen and you have to pack lunches for the day trips but I would recommend the restaurant right next to Bla hostel called Buenos Cruces. The food here is amazing and so is the service so don’t miss this one off the list.


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