Buenos Aires, Argentina

7th – 11th December 2106

Buenos Aires marked the first stop of three months travelling through South America. It was a great place to start, meeting heaps of fellow travellers and getting our bearings in a big city. Overall i found Buenos Aires to be a great city, it has many contrasting areas and suburbs because of the large gap between the rich and the poor but there are some really beautiful spots.

Arriving to Buenos Aires – When you arrive into the airport there are two airports but most international ones will fly into Ministro Pistarini. From here you can get a shuuttle bus as you walk out the terminal for 180 peso. This goes through a range of areas but dropped us about a 10 minute walk from the hostel. Hot tip – have offline google maps downloaded for this. This airport is about 45 minutes out of the main city and can take longer with traffic. You can also get an uber or taxi for this trip in if you have more money or more people. The domestic airport is much closer to town and is an easy and cheap uber ride to or from the suburb you would be staying.

Hostel Milhouse Avenue – Would highly recommend staying here if you want to meet people and are into partying. It is close to everything but not in one particular suburb more in the business district of the city. There are two milhouse’s and both are good and do organised events and parties which is great. Next time I would likely split my time between here and a suburb called Palermo as this place was my favourite.


Bartola Corner – Cute pink spot in Palermo. We had lunch here and they have nice fresh juices, sandwich’s, salads and so on. Highly recommend.

La Brigada or Don Julios – Steak, go to one of these places to eat argentinian steaks. Being from NZ I was not overly amazed but they are very good and a great change from crappy food.

Sans -Palermo. Had dinner here, it is spanish tapas style and everything we shared was amazing.

L’ark Club – Upmarket argentinian club and was pretty cool, massive, red drapes and carpets and good music, although quite a bit was in spanish.

Bayside Club – Amazing club, two indoor rooms and one outdoor stage. You feel like you are at a festival. The night to go here is Saturday and they do not open until 2am, people party here until 7-9am in the morning in broad daylight.


La Boca – Getting there from Milhouse is easy. We got bus 64 from across the road and it runs all the way – get off at the last stop. For this you need a Sube card which is a transport card. Cost is 25 peso and then we topped up 15 peso for the trip.

BA bike tour – Good if you have the money. 500 peso for four hours, you can do it around the north or south of the city, we did north and it included a tour of the Recoleta Cemetery. Was a great day and learnt a lot about the city.

Palermo – Most amazing place/suburb in BA in my opinion. If I came back and didn’t want to be in a party hostel I would stay there for sure. You can catch the train there from Milhouse which we did twice and it was pretty easy. The suburb is split into Palermo soho and hollywood. Great bar and restaurant scene. Lots of green spaces. Wealthy, hip and modern area of town – kind of feel like your in Europe somewhere or Melborne.



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