Nice, France

18th – 23rd August 2016

Despite the recent tourist attacks in Nice and France we decided to spend 5 nights in Nice before we flew to Morocco. It is a great place to relax while still getting a taste for the french way of life and a relatively large city (on NZ terms anyway). If you arrive by air there are buses you can catch into the centre of Nice from right outside the terminal. Otherwise you can get an Uber like we did which worked out pretty cheap as there was two of us and the airport is super close to the beach and main part of town.

Hotels in Nice are expensive because it sits on the cote d’azur and attracts many rich and famous people. We chose to stay in an Air BnB and it was a great decision especially for those trying to save some money. We had a one bedroom apartment with a sofa bed in the lounge for my sister and we were only one street back from the beach which was great.


La Voglia – italian, massive portions can share a main between two in my opinion.

Salsamenteria Di Parma – small place in cannes which is good if you want to order cheese and cold meats. Service is a bit slow but that tends to be the case in most of Europe.

Irish Bar – beside the marina, good irish pub food and they play all the rugby games you thought you might miss

Mussels and Fries – Does not really matter where you get these from but it is a staple meal in France. Bowl of mussels cooked in your choice of sauce with some fries on the side. Pretty delicious but do not expect NZ sized mussels.


Go to the beach! No brainer. Walk past the old town and around the other side of the Marina if you want to see some smaller beaches and rock jumping spots with really clear water.

Explore the old town – there are some markets which are great for fresh breads, cheeses, pates, flowers, fruits and vegetables and so on.

Day trip to Cannes – From Nice you can catch a train or a slower bus to Cannes to check out where the famous film festival is held. The beach at Cannes leaves little to be desired compared to Nice but it is a great place to walk around, grab some food and check out all the big boats in the Marina. It costs around 10 euro return for the train and takes about 40 minutes.

Day trip to Monte Carlo – From Nice you can also catch a train or bus to Monaco. Monaco is a tiny independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline known for its upscale casinos, yacht-lined harbour and prestigious Grand Prix motor race. Here you can wonder around and see how the rich as famous must live it up when they are visiting. I would recommend taking the bus one way as it drives along the coast from Monaco to Nice and there are some beautiful beaches along the way. We stopped at Villefranche-sur-mur which we had thought about staying at for the whole 5 nights and kind of wished we had. It is a beautiful small town with great beaches. There is a coastal walk that goes from there around to Nice which we walked back on and would highly recommend.


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