Venice, Italy

15th – 18th August 2016

After a day of travellers nightmares we caught a flight from Athens to Milan. From there we got a bus to Milano Central and left our bags as we had a couple of hours to explore Milan before our train. The train from Milan to Venice was great; it was really empty, had aircon, chargers for your computer or phone and lots of room for the laptop playing suits the whole 3 or so hour journey. As we got close to Venice and the tracks came over the water I was grinning from ear to ear.Ben was laughing at me and kept pressing buttons to put the window shade down because I was gazing non stop.

I don’t think any movie in the world can prepare you for how out of the world Venice is. It was a dream come true for me.


It is tough to recommend places to eat in Venice as it really depends where you are staying and where you find yourself lost in the roads when you start to feel hungry.

Trattoria Agli Artisti – place that was recommended to us and it was good italian. Ordered a pasta and pizza which was yum.

Get take out pizza if you go to Burano, there are nice grassy spots to eat by the water.

Mostly we ate picnics inside our air BnB as we were sick of eating out and it was good to avoid the heat in the middle of the day.


Explore the main island and just let yourself get lost in all the little lanes.

Go to Murano and Burano islands. Murano is famous for its glass making and was cute but we did not spend much time there. Burano is an island famous for its lace but I think more so its famous for its colourful buildings. I loved it here every little alleyway was really interesting and beautiful. I wish we painted our houses bright colours at home everything seems so much more bright and cheerful when in colour.

Bottom line is I loved venice and think everyone should go, it is pretty amazing that a whole city was built on water and that boats are the means of transport. It really is like the movies. Sadly though I do not think it will be able to keep up the tourist attention it currently is getting so go sooner rather than later before you may miss out.


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