Santorini, Greece

8th – 12th August 2016

From Dubrovnik we got a plane to Santorini with a quick stop in Athens. As pricey as it was to fly this route it had to be done because of where Croatia sits out on a lim and it was quite seamless landing in Santorini. Because we arrived late at night we stayed in a cheap hotel and checked into our nicer one the next day. The cheap hotel was called Porta Castello and it was ok but it is on the beach side of Santorini which is not ideal when you are there for the view. The next day we checked into Caldera Butterfly Villas about 5 minutes out of Thira with an amazing view. We had a two bedroom room here and the hotel had an amazing pool which we spent our days beside. I would highly recommend staying here in Santorini, it is a bit more expensive than the normal backpacking budget but it is worth it to appreciate Santorini for what it is.

On the first day we got talking to four people our age who were also staying in the hotel and were in the pool so we had a few drinks with them. One thing led to another and we ended up a wedding for Stephanie and Adam from Canada on our second day with their family and two friends. The wedding was in a stunning location at a place called Dana Villas in Firostefani looking over the water – could not think of a better place to tie the knot.


Lucky’s Thira – GYROS this place has the best ones we think – amazing, cheap and saucy.

Mama Thira – Firostefani. We got some dips and pita bread to start and then Mousaka. Great place to watch the sun go down.


Stay away from Oia to watch the sunset if you are there in high season. It was so busy we did not bother staying in the spot and grabbed dinner instead. Oia is meant to be the best spot on the island to watch it but in my opinion it is amazing in Firostefani and Thira and better not having to battle crowds of people.

Hire ATV’s while you are there it is the best way to get around the island and see everything. Taxi’s are quite expensive. There is public buses that you can use to get from Thira to Oia if you do not feel safe on the bikes which are really cheap.

Sorry about photo overload…Santorini is picture perfect and everything I ever dreamed it to be.




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  1. I love your blog💖 Beautiful pictures!

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