Cinque Terre, Italy

22nd – 25th July 2016

My trip from London to Cinque Terre was a very long day travelling on my own.  To save money on flights I flew into Milan, caught a 45 train into Milano Centrale and quickly jumped on my next train to Levanto before one final train for 20 mins to Riomaggoire in Cinque Terre.

In Cinque Terre I was staying with four friends so we rented an air BnB on the only street in Riomaggoire up two very steep long flights of steps. It was a very old building but pretty cute with traditional italian shutter windows and five beds/pull out chairs and couches to fit us all in.

On the first full day we decided to walk the trail. The trail between the first two towns were closed which we were sad about at first but soon realised that walking from the middle town to the end was long enough. Luckily we had some cloud the morning that we did the walk so the heat was just bearable. 18km and 150 floors up later we all thought we may pass out. We grabbed some lunch at the last of the five towns Monterosso and had a delish seafood pasta before heading back to base for a much deserved swim. I think the place was called La Cantina Di Miky but don’t hold me to it.

That night we had pizza and drinks on the rocks while watching the sunset ✨✨✨.

Would recommend going to Cinque Terre for sure as I am not sure how much longer they will keep it open to the public. It is beautiful and holds a lot of traditional italian culture. Hopefully it can keep up with its increased amounts of visitors.

The next day we had very sore legs from our long walk so we spent the day on the pebble beach down from our apartment. It was not very comfortable so we moved to some bigger rocks on a bit of a cliff which we could jump off into the water which made things easier for going swimming. Give me white sand NZ beaches any day lying on rocks and having to rock climb into the water is not enjoyable. We had a gross dinner at an overpriced restaurant down by the marina. Would not recommend eating down there, we heard the other villages have better dinner spots but we could not venture there on Sunday night because of a train strike.

On the final day we were up early and said bye to Maddy and Harrison before making our journey to Florence.



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