Los Cabos, Mexico

12th – 17th July 2016

To start our journey to Cabo we had to drive the long 7 hours from The Grand Canyon to LAX where we stayed for one night before flying out. We left early and got to LA by about 3.00pm so we checked out Manhattan beach for the afternoon and dinner. This beach is really near to LAX airport and a great option to stay if you have an early morning flight.

Manhattan beach is so lovely – beautiful mansions right along the beach and then little pathways up the hill with more really cute houses. Mum and I were saying we would love to live here – it is kind of like a mix of Remuera and St Heliers I guess but you would need some serious cash to be beach front. We saw one house for sale for $12 million USD on the beach walk, amazing location but the house was not even that flash. We looked around and booked into a place down near the beach and pier for dinner before heading back to the hotel.

The next morning we flew 2 hours to Cabo and arrived at our hotel Grand Solmar Lands end resort and spa. AMAZING. I was in heaven, five nights and four full days of bliss. Cocktails swimming eating, it was so relaxing.


We ate at the resort for lunches so cannot help much there except to say the food at the resort for lunch was good and pretty reasonable.

Ediths – mexican, Salvadores – amazing italian – share one meal between two (picture below),

La Roca – One of the restaurants in the hotel, I believe you can also come here if you are not staying in the resort. The food was actually amazing and you can watch the chefs cook in the open kitchen as well as watch the waves coming in and the sunset.

Soloman’s Landing – Mexican food and a massive menu, food was good and portions are large.

There was also another place on the marina which was actually amazing but I cannot remember the name. It was down near haagen dazs but on the opposite side close to the boats.


If you want to get out of the resort for a day I would recommend hiring a car. One day we did this and drove to Todas Santos a smaller town down the coast which is home to the famous Hotel California. There are amazing surf beaches along the coast too we stopped briefly at one but it was SO HOT we needed aircon. Cabo was an amazing place to relax and I was so so sad to be leaving but excited for the next part of my trip with friends and Ben.


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  1. These pics are my life 👌🏼✨✨


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