The Grand Canyon, USA

9th – 11th July 2016

From Las Vegas we drove 4 hours to a town just on the outside of the south rim of The Grand Canyon called Tusayan (On the way we stopped through the Hoover Dam). The town was the smallest place I have ever seen (not including the country side of NZ but that doesn’t count). It had 4 hotels and about 4 restaurants and then a tourist centre for the canyon all in one little road. The hotel we stayed in was so average, especially after coming from luxury in Vegas. Dad even wrote them a review captioned “Nothing a bulldozer can’t fix”.

We went to a steak house for dinner the first night and it was actually so good to have eye fillet, vegetables and potato rather than fried food for once. The next morning we went on a helicopter trip over the Canyon. It was my first time in a helicopter and I was so excited, once I got on I was quite scared by how much they move around but it was 100% the best way to see the Canyon. Words cannot describe what it looks like from above – here are a couple of pictures to try explain but seriously if you have the chance, make the trip out to the canyon and see it for yourself.

After the helicopter trip we went back to the “town” and got some lunch and then went to the hotel, drunk beers and watched the soccer final and then Lydia Ko play golf. At around 4pm we went down to the canyon for sunset, we walked around the south rim for a couple of hours just in shock by how amazing it is and then sat and watched the sun go down. Once again GO TO THE GRAND CANYON, you can really see why it is one of the seven wonders of the world and it is worth the long drive to get there.


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